Hello! I’m Scott

I'm a wedding photographer, based on the NSW Central Coast of Australia but photographing weddings anywhere and everywhere.

I grew up around the beaches on the Central Coast and think that's what has given me a love and appreciation for the outdoors. I love camping, campfires, being out under the stars, cooking and basketball.

I photograph weddings because I love being around people in love! I photograph weddings for the laughs, the tears, the tradition, people breaking tradition, the subtle looks and touches, the nerves and the excitement! I photograph weddings as it's what gets my blood pumping the most! And finally, I photograph weddings to capture who you are, so in 20 years when you look back though your wedding photos, it will take you back to your day, as it was, not a set up, posed version of the day and of you.

I feel absolutely honored to be surrounded by happiness, love, cake, new friends, drinking and dancing almost every weekend!

I don't want to just be your photographer, I want to be friends. I want to get to know you and I want you to come out of any photo shoots we do, loving each other even more than you did when we went in!

Now to the personal stuff...

We were friends first, we used to spend nights together as “mates, not dates” and then go out for dinner and walks on the beach, stargazing and always confirming at the end that we were “just friends.”

After months of this I realised I was falling for her. I convinced her to come on an actual date and from that day on she’s been the one for me.

To know Caragh is to know me, for 7 years I had been through life’s ups and downs with her and have come through it smiling because she is by my side. 7 years of experiences brought us to this…

Sunrise at Point Plomer, November 29, 2014. My hands fumble as I try to prepare myself to read the poem I’ve written for her, my proposal. My voice quivers as I commence reading, I try to play it off as shivering in the cool morning air. I get to the end and get down on one knee, we are both shaking as she says yes, we cry and kiss and hug. She can’t stop looking at the ring and I can’t stop looking at her.

Fast forward to 2019, we have been married for 3 1/2 years, have a beautiful daughter named Monica with a second bub on the way. We've just built our first home in Wamberal on the NSW Central Coast, and are still finding our feet as parents. I'm roughly 80 weddings in and loving them more and more every day!!

Let's create something beautiful together!




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